Happy New Year To You.

Now that I’ve deleted my twitter app, maybe I’ll focus on blogging. It was an awesome 2013. The highs, lows and fucked up moments made it memorable. Most people have made a “new year, new me” pledge, I’m one of them. I’m not going to share it but yeah, I’m gonna be a different person this year.

Back to fashion, I’m doing just dresses 2014…yippee!.. I didn’t say I was going to burn my tees and jeans. All I’m saying is I’ll wear more dresses than last year. How this concerns you? I don’t know but this is my blog and I can post wahever!

Shoutout to everyone that’s ever read, liked and reblogged my posts, you’re all awesome. I love you and happy new year.



Apart From Fashıon, What Else Do You Love/Do?

I obvıously do art. Waıt. You dınt know?….now you know. Yaıe!

Now you see why I’m hardly here. I do fashıon, art, chemıstry, school and I breathe……*phew*….that shıı ıs exhaustıng. I know most of you are bloggers and all but I’m pretty sure y’all do other stuffs. Care to share?

Emaıl me. And follow @Pencılmuse( you dont have to ask for a follow back)

Forbes Highest Paid Model.

…………..Drum roll…………….tum tum!….

Sean O’Pry!

According to forbes, dude made a massive sum of 1.4 million (£940,000) in the last year. That’s money! Money…monaaaaaaaaaaay!!!…..
But, the girls do better. Gisele Bundchen earned $42 million (£26 million) in the same year. Let’s scream the ‘money’ louder!

1. 2. 3. Go!….”Monaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!”

Sean is popular for his campaigns for Giorgio Armani, Versace, H&M, Hugo Boss and Salvatore Ferragamo, as well as his lucrative fragrance campaigns for Jil Sander and Viktor & Rolf.




It sounds Scottish. No? Uhmm. Okay 😡

Whatever you think…I’ve been rocking them and other stars too. Olivia Palermo, Jessica Alba, Hailee Steinfield, Kate Upton!….name them.

Coming in shirts, dresses, sweaters, skirts and other styles you can think of. Not only that, designers are letting it trend. Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, Rebecca Minkoff…… I’ve done too much naming.

How do you rock yours? If you haven’t, start now. And I’d love to see pictures of you in one. Mail me 😉