Or not……….

But seriously babe, start getting worried when you start seeing this signs:

•The relationship only flows on his terms. Every thing you guys do together is as a result of his love for that stuff, he never asks if you really like it. 

•The relationship don’t move forward. All you do is date, sex and nothing serious. you digg? I mean no hint about you moving in or meeting his siblings.

•He’s got loads of female friends. He claims she’s my best friend……taaar!…. You know that ‘best friends’ shit don’t work with the opposite sex.

•He only says sweet things to you during intimate hours. he has never called on the phone once to say how much he loves you.

• No one knows about your relationship, never introduced you to his friends.

¤You live together but you don’t know much about him cos’ he don’t tell much.

• He gets easily offended by your comments no matter how harmless they are.

•Whenever he comes over or you go over. Sex is usually the 1st thing on his mind.

•His cell phone is a no go area! uh-oh!

 Many more signs babe, but I’m not a relationship counsellor. if you notice this signs, talk to him about it, don’t become a daylight stalker! cos’ that’s pathetic. If he’s not worth your love, move on to better things. Don’t fall for the same shit over and over again.


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