Ghanaian music duo Wutah may sue Nigerian music
artiste Chinedu Okoli a.k.a Flavour N’abania for stealing their song! According to Ghana’s myjoyfm news, managers of the Ghanaian artistes are not pleased with Flavours recently released ‘Kwarikwa’ song which they claim bears stark resemblance with their smash hit ‘Kotosa’.
They also accused Flavour of ‘stealing’ the chorus,
rhythm, rhyme and the opening saxophone beat used in their song with total disregard for their right as the only legitimate owners of the song. The group Wutah is made Up of Wutah Kobby and Wutah .
Wutah Kobby was quoted as saying that, “we are
consulting our legal advisers and we will pursue Flavour in the right way.”

Funny enough, This will not be the first time Ghanaian artistes have accused Flavour of stealing their songd. It was once reported that Flavour’s hit song ‘Ashawo’ was stolen from an old Ghanaian hi-life song.
Hehehehee! Flavour yaf enter ‘kasala’!


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