Make_up Tips for Big Eyes.

1. Apply darker shadows to the lid

2. Spread out the shadow with a medium
colour above the crease

3. Apply black eyeliner to the lash line & water line

4. Shimmer the browbone.

5. Since the eyeballs are already
highlighted, just outlining the upper and
inner lids will complete the look. Black and
dark brown colours will be the ideal choices
(and avoid nude colours).

6. Highlight your eye lashes as they need to
look prominent and hide the popping eye
ball and big eye lids. Use curlers to curl the
lashes inside out.

7. Application of eye liner needs to be from
the inner corner of the eye over the lash line
with a sharp edge. Do not apply the eye
shadow below the brow line. Limit the
makeup till the end of the lids. The mascara
can highlight lashes even boldly.

8. To hide the dark circles use the ideal
concealer/ foundation. Spread the makeup
evenly so that it looks naturally beautiful.

With these eye makeup ideas, an 8 hour
sleep, slices of cucumber or grated potato
juice, ice cubes can bring down the
puffiness, relax eyes and make dark circles
lighter. Whatever eye shapes you may have, the right makeup tips will do the needful and help you look pretty.


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