Forbes Most Powerful Women of 2012: From Lady Gaga to Beyonce.

Women are proving that they “Run the World.” With the latest list of Forbes’ Most powerful women, a few names who made it to the list may not be so surprising while others raise a few eyebrows. So who among Hollywood’s hottest women made it to the controversial list of Forbes Most Powerful Women of 2012?

“Fame Monster”, Lady Gaga with the title as musician and philanthropist made it to the number 14 spot. Forbes had recently praised Lady Gaga for her work in the MAC AIDS Foundation and her Born This Way Foundation with aims to empower young individuals. Gaga falls among the ranks of female politicians and big-time CEO’s of well-known companies. Another singer also made it to the list but a number double of Lady Gaga’s.

Music mogul, Beyonce Knowles falls at the number 32 spot. Jay-Z’s wife falls among the ranks of UN
programmers, prime minister of Thailand and United States government officials. Beyonce is followed shortly by former “American Idol” judge, Jennifer Lopez at number 38.

Surprisingly, Shakira made it to the list at number 40 which is two spots away from Jennifer Lopez. Both Lopes and Shakira were recognized for their television projects of which are popular in Latin America and the US. Singers aren’t the only women who have made it to the list.

Actress and director, Angelina Jolie made it to the 66th spot. Another Hollywood actress who has made it to Forbes Most powerful women of 2012 is Sofia Vergara landing at the number 75 spot. Fashion mogul, Gisele Bundchen hits the number 83 spot.

For those wondering why the biggest income earners under the age of 30 namely, Rihanna and Taylor Swift, haven’t made the cut into the list, the list takes into account worldwide influence rather than financial success. This would only mean it would take more than a teary-eyed “Oprah” interview and a boyfriend with the Kennedy’s to make the list.



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