Togo Women To Go On Sex Strike.

Women from the Let’s Save Togo coalition called Sunday on all females in the country to refrain from sex for a week to force Togolese men into backing the group during their demonstrations.

Let’s Save Togo is an umbrella organisation of nine civil society groups and seven opposition parties and movements that has rallied to demand political reforms ahead of parliamentary elections due in October.

“We call on all women to deprive their husbands of sex for a week from Monday,” Isabelle Ameganvi, a member of the group, told AFP.
“For us it’s a way to get all men, not only those from the collective, to do more in the fight undertaken by Let’s Save Togo over the past weeks.
“Women are the first victims of the disastrous situation that we are living in in Togo. That’s why we are telling all women: one week without sex. That’s also a weapon of the battle,” said Ameganvi.

Some of the opposition are seeking a delay in the polls to let reforms take effect first, others also want changes to the electoral code passed by parliament to be repealed on the grounds they were not made properly. “We will undertake other actions in the coming days,” Ameganvi said.

Togolese men are in trouble. …….heheheeee… Stuffs like this should happen in Nigeria.



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