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Being Larry Sushey

Na play I was with the Jesus joke.


The Nigerian Twitter is the best twitter in the whole wide world. Now this is my own opinion and last I checked, I am entitled to have at least one of those aren’t I?

The reasons for my above assertion are right there in your faces. All you have to do is open your eyes to see them stare right back at you. I go on the Nigerian twitter everyday and I can’t feel but be helpless at times. Seriously, I see the gbagauners and the gbagaunees. I see the intellectuals and the downright dumb fucks. Then there are the retards, the bloggers, the stalkers, and then your parents.

Majority of the members of the fore named groups apart from ‘your parents’ have one common goal, to be a part of the coolest bunch on the Nigerian twitterville. Those of you…

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