Things I Hate To See On My Timeline.

1) Don’t post your personal convos. Most of you do that shii, you over use the power of a screen grabber. …… were dating someone, then you got dumped, next thing you do is screen grab your previous convos of he/she sexting! You do that? Ya an asshole! Boy or girl!

2)Spam promoting! Lord I hate that stuff…….. E.g somebody said a bad stuff about you. View this link to see it!………. Don’t read that, and don’t send it to anyone either!

3)’follow back’…….. No respect! Is it by force to follow? “Pls kinfly ff back”……aha sounds way better.

4) Stalking. …….I don’t like. No story!

5)Letting too much info….. “I’m from a family of three, my dad a commissioner, I study @ bla bla…..” We don’t wanna know man!

6) Nudies! Last time I checked, facebook, twitter, Myspace……….. weren’t porn sites. Keep your Ex’s nudie to yourself.

7)Sex talk. We like! X_X but don’t be an extremist. It becomes annoying!

Lots more……. Can’t remember right now.


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