Boko Haram `accountant’ arrested with N4.5m cash

The onslaught of the security services against Boko Haram seems to be paying off with the arrest of a top operative of the Islamist group described as the accountant.

`The accountant’ was said to be in transit between Kano and Zaria, last week, with N4.5 million cash belonging to the Islamist group when men of the JTF intercepted and arrested him.

Sunday Vanguard sources said he was travelling in a commuter bus as a cover. The arrest came barely two days after security agents tracked and killed Boko Haram spokesman, Abu Qaqa, in an operation in Kano.

The Islamist group’s `accountant’, it was learnt, embarked on the journey which originated from Maiduguri, Borno State, to make cash transfers. The sources said his cover blew after he and another associate made some money transfers in Kano, an action that aroused the curiosity of bank officials who alerted security agents. The associate was arrested but, by then, the `accountant’ was already on his way to Zaria.

Subsequent manhunt yielded fruit as the `Boko Haram accountant’ was arrested in transit. The Islamist group’s kingpin, according to the sources, is under intense interrogation by security agents in Kano.

Sunday Vanguard understood that the
security services believe the arrest of the `accountant’ is a major breakthrough in the efforts to contain terrorism in the country.
Culled from: Vanguard Mobile Edition.


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