Godswill Akpabio and his ‘Vain’ Documentaries.

So I’m watching this Akwa Ibom documentary on AIT. And them like showing all the good works of them Governor Godswill Akpabio.

Them didn’t show nothing worth it. Them showing the renovation of the Governor’s Lodge?? Like seriously? He turned the place from a 21st century lodge to a 3D version. Extra lights, plush cushions, shining tiles , fountains…….and so many vain things!

Not to Forget the ‘Governor’s office’. That was the ‘bestest’!the renovation was tight! Cameras everywhere, elevators, escalators…

Them didn’t show anything concerning employment, power, education….yet someone’s gonna organise an Award and name him the best bla bla bla of the year!

I’m not saying that he hasn’t done anything, because I know some people will want to chop my head off!…..he has!!!
But he should stop all them ‘vain’ documentaries and spend the money on something worth it! #DropsMic


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