Let’s Talk About the Friend Zone.

Ah! The friend zone.
Let me explain friend zone in a silly way. It’s like going for an interview, you have all the qualification, you’re perfect for the job but someone has filled the post. They tell you the person isn’t reliable, so you’ll stick around till they sack the person……..still waiting…..they tell you they can’t hurt the person’s feeling but they need you to give them pointers. You’ll be yearning for the job of your dreams but you’ll settle for a consultant.

Silly way to put it. I know.

The friend zone isn’t such a bad position, it’s just awkward, sad, annoying, fun at times and depressing.

They tell you things that can make their spouses deaf. They have feelings for you, sometimes are in love with you but they respect the feelings of their spouses.

Some even feel a relationship would destroy what you have……they feel you wouldn’t be close as friends, they enjoy the friendship so much they think a couple fight would destroy the bond.

Many have the fear of commitment.

Few even see you as wife/husband material. They are not interested in long courtships, so they keep you close but afar.

Majority…ah!….Majority just want you for carnal or selfish needs. ‘Friends with benefits’….don’t let me go into details abeg!

I don’t know how to get out of 1, it’s really a hard task. I wouldn’t mind one of you telling me how……
All I know is, if you’re in one friend zone or the other, you walked into it yourself. No one forced you & and no one will ever do.

If you’re happy being his/her friend please continue! It’s your happiness that counts. If it’s otherwise, get out of it the way you can, there’s no faster way to a heart break than a Friend Zone!

Last but not the least, listen to FALL by Justin Beiber.

……….*Drops pen*. :*….Goodnight.

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