Red & Feisty

….That’s what I saw on a blog. Eva Longoria, Red is all over the place. Yes! But I fail to see feisty *adjusts glasses. I love the mock turtle neck , the lace and all.

Question is, why are you wearing red shoes too? Y’all probably can’t see them as they perfectly blend with the carpet.

Anyways, it’s a 6/10 for me! You sorta rock!


Slut For Suit & Ties

I’m not sure if this is the season for suits, but I’d want to be in one everyday. Everyday. Everynight too. Imagine a suit-like Pyjamas..aha! Not too cool.

Anyways, I’m back. For the ‘God-knows-how-many-times’ time and I might leave again. Did I mention I’ve started work?! Yes, I have ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ”.

I’m not that happy but I have to be. Makes sense? ….I’ve just missed you guys. And for those that mailed me, God bless your souls :*

Robin Thicke & Wife For Prestige.

….Paula Patton. Many of us don’t know she exists. Okay just me.

Anyways, the graced they magazine with love and talked about how good they’ve been to each other. Like we care.

I’m not angry. I just can believe he’s married. Like married! Sigh….the good guys are taken :(.

The next picture. Gosh. Gosh. Her gown. I so love it. I wonder who made it. It’s my job to find that out?….ugh.

The Story Of Miranda Kerr and The Nip Slip

I’m so decent. I got a censored one :D.

The Top model was adjusting something that looked like a top when the nips came out for fresh air. Rumour has it that madam Kerr intentionally released them to the wild. Hmmph! I don’t disbelieve. Remember tha photo shoot she had? The one with the double nip slip? Yup! I have it! :D. . . .I’m such a slut!

Go With Stripes Today!

It’s known fact that vertical stripes make you look slimmer but that don’t mean you can’t look chic in a horizontal stripe…

Check out top blogger Wendy Nguyen in this black and pink stripes (horizontal). She rocked with a powder blue coat and nice pumps. Yeah!!!! That’s what I thought. Stay chic and have a nice day. Mwah!

What Happened Today. ;)

Yes! I did my hair. That’s news init? 😀

Then there’s Carey Mulligan. She looked chic in a black Miu Miu frock with a white peter pan collar. Awesome! Awesome! I don’t need to mention the peep toe pumps and dark shades. No I don’t! Sigh :D.

And yeah I saw miley in some sexy couture gowns. …curious much? I’ll show in a bit. 😀

Carey Muliigan in black dress.

Carey Muliigan in black dress.